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Public sector ; private sector ; partnership Abstract [eng] Public- private partnership is considered an increasingly partnerystė su galimybėmis factor in the development of social ekokonominę countries.

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Lithuania both scientifically and practically, this partnership has more modest results, and the broader need for cooperation between the public and private sectors causes the objective to upgrade and develop common doctrine on this issue.

Recently, a public-private partnership developed the most common implementation of projects financed from EU funds.

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Still, there are often questions of whether and how to develop enough this partnership? What projects are planned, which have already been implemented?

partnerystė su galimybėmis

What difficulties interference the pursuit of EU projects? Against this background, Master's in the context of its objective: to explore public-private partnerships and the expression of development, the implementation of EU projects in Siauliai district case.

To achieve the objective of choosing the research methods of literature and analysis of legal documents; expert survey interview documents; SWOT, PEST analysis external and internal environmental analysis.

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The study showed that the partnership between galimybių konsultantas public and private sector joint projects in Lithuania aivaizdžiai lack of scale and the possibilities of EU funding opportunities for projects. The main reason partnerystė su galimybėmis by cross-sectoral dialogue and joint initiatives lack.

partnerystė su galimybėmis

Public-private partnerships for joint projects in Siauliai district municipality is more aspirational, because up to now in Šiauliai district municipality implemented none of the partnership project.

Partnership context can only be considered a public-private sector cooperation projects, 15 of which are currently being implemented in Siauliai district municipality, which has so far implemented the 46th district of Siauliai priority areas of cooperation in the context of the partnership remains water, education, social areas, building modernization, the development of tourism.

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Examining Siauliai district PEST, SWOT has been singled out, the district is able to attract enough foreign investment in the area subject to strong business support system are a new company, but in the long run part of the business district in the city goes to the disposition. According to the respondents, in order to influence public tender organized by the opacity of the legislative framework in the gaps, dates, information, lack of funds.

partnerystė su galimybėmis

Can confirm the home's assertion that the public-private partnership projects resolution of the EU's need is obvious, but the development of such a partnership is not enough for legislative change in the base and the information partnerystė su galimybėmis to insufficient dissemination.

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